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Tutu is an album released in 1986 by trumpeter Miles Davis on Warner Bros. Records.
Originally planned as a collaboration with pop singer/songwriter Prince, Davis ultimately worked with bassist/multi-instrumentalist Marcus Miller. Miller wrote and arranged all the songs, except „Tomaas“ (co-written by Davis), „Backyard Ritual“ (by keyboardist George Duke), and „Perfect Way“ (by pop group Scritti Politti). The music is heavily inspired by mid-1980s R&B and funk, with heavy use of synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines.
Tutu was produced by Tommy LiPuma and Marcus Miller, with the exception of „Backyard Ritual,“ which was co-produced by Duke and LiPuma.
The album is named in tribute to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the first black Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa. The track „Full Nelson“ refers to South African politician Nelson Mandela.
The cover of this album can be seen in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley, despite being set in the 1950s.

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