Miles Davis: Filles de Kilimanjaro


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1LP CBS S63551 1969

This LP catches the Davis group in transition, so far as personnels are concerned. Davis, Wayne Shorter and Tony Williams are present throughout but on Frelon Brun and Mademoiselle Mabry pianist Chick Corea and bass player Dave Holland take over from Herbie Hancock and Ron Carter… All the tunes are by Davis and the writing and playing make use of the elements of pop music which have cropped up on the last two or three Davis LPs, i.e. the electric piano and bass together with the superficial rock element to some of Tony Williams’s drum figurations. The main thing is that these elements of pop music actually assist rather than inhibit the soloists…This is an album of consolidation in man ways for it encompasses much of the previous three LPs, taking the means and, perhaps. making an end out of them. It will be interesting to see how Davis develops in the coming year.


Miles Davis: Filles de Kilimanjaro
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