Mahler: Symphonie Nr 1 „Der Titan“


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Gustav Mahler (Composer),
Rafael Kubelik (Conductor),
Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra),
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Podtitulok diela je tiež „TITAN“ podľa rovnomenného románu Jeana Paula. — Dejiny Hudby V NH

If you want over-the-top hysteria (not necessarily a bad thing at times with Mahler), go with Bernstein. If you’re looking for more conservative but still committed performances you can listen to again and again, Kubelik’s your guy. He underplays the drama slightly, and while the result is still passionate, it’s also solid, stable, and infinitely satisfying. Kubelik makes you more aware of Mahler’s musical genius, where other conductors might focus more on the drama.

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