Jan Hammer, David Earle Johnson: Hip Address


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Less known but excelent recording by Jan Hammer. Orignally released in 1980, „Hip Address“ builds on the jazz-rock fusion Hammer created with both the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Jeff Beck, adding a more percussive feel to it courtesy of Johnson. Hammer and Johnson play all instruments, with Hammer playing drums in addition to his multiple keyboards. The duo are augmented by flutist Jeremy Steig on two tunes, „Bamboo Forest“ and „Hip Address“ (instrumental).
This is definitely worth owning for Jan Hammer fanatics such as myself. However, Johnson pulls his musical weight by adding to Hammer’s frenetic energy and stimulating musical dialogue throughout „Hip Address“.

CMP Records 1980 , €15,-

1. Rebel Trot
2. Green and Black
3. Punk Luck
4. Siete Parati
5. Hip Address [Vocal Version] 6. Night
7. Bamboo Forest
8. Hip Address [Instrumental]


Jan Hammer, David Earle Johnson: Hip Address
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1 1LP orig. CMP Records 1980/NM €15,00
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