Giacommo Puccini: Turandot


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Giacomo Puccini (Composer),
Zubin Mehta (Conductor),
London Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestra),
Luciano Pavarotti (Performer),
Joan Sutherland (Performer),
John Alldis Choir (Performer),
Montserrat Caballé (Performer),
Tom Krause (Performer),
Nicolai Ghiaurov (Performer),
Peter Pears (Performer)

Joan Sutherland IS the vocal sensation of the century. And she amazes all in this recording as a true dramatic soprano. The gorgeous voice, opulent in tone and gigantic in size is just unbelievable. All notes are shot out of the diva’s throat like cannonballs. I am fortunate enough to have heard the great Prima Donna in her prime, and let me say she must be heard in person to be believe. Supremely the vocal miracle of all time. As Turandot, she is not even challenged, in terms of voice, she absolutely soars above the orchestra and chorus with no strain whatsoever. Vocally, no one can touch her. But she also offers amazing fire in this recording, singing with much more passion and sensuous tone than all the other Turandots combined…INCLUDING Birgit Nilsson and Maria Callas. And forget Eva Marton, she screams every note. As Prince Calaf, Pavorotti is ideal. At the time of this recording, Pavorotti had one of the most pure beautiful tenors before the public, and like Sutherland, he has ALL the high notes. Nessum Dorma was his highlight. But I still prefer Franco Corelli’s ringing spinto voice. Caballe is ideal as Liu, she uses her perfect bel canto technique to demonstate some of the most awesome pianissimo singing I’ve ever heard. She is simply a Liu to make you cry. The bonus here, of course, is the glorious music of Puccini. There is not one boring second in this over two hours of magnificent music. The conductor Zubin Mehta, with the help of a PERFECT recording, painted a wonderfully colorful and opulent GRAND OPERA. This is Puccini’s MASTERPIECE!! And Puccini, in his wildest dreams would not have imagined a better cast or performance. This is one of the greatest recording of our time.

P.S. To hear the most amazing display of coloratura singing ever recorded. I give my highest rating to Joan Sutherland’s „The Art of the Prima Donna“. You will hear vocal miracles in that cd. Definitely the most breathtaking singing ever recorded. You won’t believer your ears, what Dame Joan Sutherland does in that recording is superhuman!!!


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