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Decca SXL 2020

España! Rimskyi-Korsakov: Capriccio espagnol /
Granados: “Andaluza” Danza española No. 5 /
Chabrier: “España” /
Moszkowski: Spanish Dances Book 1 –

London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Ataúlfo Argenta

Excelentná nahrávka na španielsku nôtu. Znalci túto nahrávku považujú za jednu z najlepších aké kedy DECCA urobila.

Bohužiaľ v súčasnosti nedostupná. Len pre informáciu cena prvého vydania v dobrom stave tejto nahrávky sa blíži k cene slušného HIGH END gramofónu. 🙂

To better enjoy this tremendous experience, we would advise listeners to put their feet up, relax, and listen with rapt attention. A “Do-not-disturb” sign on the door is to be recommended. The tremendous sound emanating from the loudspeakers immediately conveys the rousing nature of the music.
Conducted by Ataúlfo Argenta, the London Symphony Orchestra plays with a rare vitality, pure enjoyment, precision and lucidity. This is a carefully chosen medley of Spanish music which, interestingly enough, was mostly written by non-Spanish composers.
All in all, this has become a legendary recording, which caused quite a stir even in its mono version. The FFSS version ranks among the very best recordings ever issued.

Recording: December 1956 and January 1957, Kingsway Hall, London by Gordon Parry / Production: Erik Smith

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4 Responses to "Rimskyi-Korsakov: España!"
  1. Spanielske tance su fakt velmi radostne zo supraphonu mam aj spanielske capriccio citim tam ten temperament

  2. I have this record, and it sounds phenomenal ! I think it’s the best one I have actually. I was wondering if it happens to be of value? not that I want to sell it, but it seems some records from Decca with the wide band are worth quite a bit.

  3. Original issue is extremelly rare in Rare Classical Record album. This book is the reference for these things. I have a copy of the Rare Classical Record Price Guide 2004 (Sylverwood Publishing), I think there was a 2006 edition too, but after that it all kind of went quiet.

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