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Track listing
Disc one
2.Don’t Bring Me Down
3.Misunderstood Intro
4.Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
6.We Gotta Get out of This Place
7.I Just Wanna Make Love To You
8.Roadhouse Blues
9.When I Was Young
10.It’s My Life
11.Spill the Wine

Disc two
1.River Deep Mountain High
2.Bring It On Home To Me
3.No More Elmore
4.Band Intro For Eric
5.Tobacco Road
6.Sky Pilot
7.Rising Sun Guitar Intro
8.House Of The Rising Sun
9.Sixteen Tons (Studio, Eric Burdon)

Eric Burdon (vocals). Brian Auger (keyboards). Dave Meros (bass, vocals). Larry Wilkins (guitar, vocals). Karma Auger (drums). Richard Regueira (percussion).

When they first met in 1991, Auger asked Burdon if he wants to play with him. Burdon agreed and they formed the „Eric Burdon – Brian Auger Band“. After big tours they disbanded in 1994.

Eric Burdon aj s touto kapelou bolo možno vidieť aj v našom okoli. Starý dobrý viedenský Rock House málokedy sklamal. Kapela ktorá niesla meno Brian Auger & The Trinity kedysi sprevádzala Jullie Driscoll. Auger udivil divákov na Bratislavskej lýre keď obišiel Hammondy a zozadu hral ako spredu. Také huncútstvo.
Na spomínanom albume hrajú Burdonove štandardy v najlepšej forme. A to som Burdona videl na živo cca 7-8 krát.

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  1. Julie Driscoll tu na moju hambu žiadnu nemáme a tak pre dnešok pridám k dobru tento link: Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Czechoslovakia Vďaka Bonzo za typ !!!

    Julie Driscoll – Czechoslovakia lyrics

    many people I know with no where to go-o, you know they’re lonely
    but many people have died, feeling hung up inside, but don’t think they’re phony
    cuz they’re only trying to stop you from dying, locked behind your own bars
    maybe, you’ll see, how good it would be, to feel free
    don’t close your eyes and put on your disguise
    someones gonna sus?(pect) you
    there’s things around bring you down, and they disgust you
    so recognize, the hidden lies, that surround you
    and maybe, you’ll see, how good it would be, to feel free
    to feel free
    to feel free

    August, ’68/ it was dark and it was late
    A.M. 24/ was the first, but there were more
    fighters, in close formation
    ready for the invasion
    I remember going to a country where people were warm/ and people were ready for changes

    I am tanks? from everywhere
    smash down everything that’s there


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