Diana Krall: Quiet Nights


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Diana Krall: Quiet Nights

Úprimne, bol som trochu sklamaný. Trochu presladená vecička, ktorá určite mnohým ortodoxným jazzmanom nevonia. Diana má naviac. Snáď aj to je fakt, že je to jediná cenovo dostupná nahrávka Diany. Rád by som upozornil na jej jedinečné albumy In Paris a The Look of Love. S druhým vyhrala cenu Grammy.

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One Response to "Diana Krall: Quiet Nights"
  1. As a longime Diana Krall’s fan I am extremely disappointed with the recent effort. She has become so predictably boring: sweet,sleepy sounds, strings–music that is just not jazz and obviously not what Mrs. Krall can do. Her music now is a cup of coffee with a pound of sugar in it. Kenny G anyone?
    I have seen Diana Krall Live twice with the Quartet. She is an excellent JAZZ piano player and a great singer. I still consider „Stepping Out“ one of her best efforts. Nat King Cole dedication album was great as well as „Love Scenes“ and „Only trust your heart“ are also great.
    What drives Diana to make all of those string infused albums in past few years (except „Girl in the other room“) is beyond me. I will not consider getting her next album before I find out what it is.
    Meanwhile, I will turn my attention to real jazz singers of today: Patricia Barber, Lavay Smith, Madeleine Peyroux. Has anyone heart of Hope Waits ? Not necessarily a true jazz cd but what a fresh voice. Melody Gardot is another one to pay attention to. And if there aren’t any modern female jazz divas to listen to, there is always time for Dinah, Sarah, Billie and Ella. Anita O’Day and Chris Connor are also a good jazz therapy.
    I hope to hear some good music from really talented Diana Krall in the future.

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