Miles Davis: Sketches of Spain


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Sketches of Spain [Vinyl] Miles Davis | 180g audiophile Legacy Vinyl

This is a favorite of many Miles fans, and for good reason, it’s an impressionistic yet accessible introduction to the Miles canon. It features what some might call „classical“ orchestrations, though this is misleading: The term is too broad. It’s probably more precise to trace the album to impressionist composers such as Ravel and Debussy.

This album is a collaboration between Gil Evans and Miles Davis and what they created will forever change the Jazz and Classical world. A mixture of Spanish classical scores, and jazz melody.

Iná verzia coveru s identickým albumom. CBS records 1960.



User Condition, notes Offers
Vstore LP Legacy Vinyl 180g, New/Sealed 28
Petere LP CBS 1960, C:EX, V:EX 15

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