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Studio Album, released in 1971
LP Panton 01 0288 (mono) / LP Panton 11 0288 (stereo)

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Má hra (9:00)
2. Směr Jihovýchod (5:50)
3. Popínavý břečťan (5:55)
4. Blues Modrého efektu (8:00)
5. Nová syntéza (14:25)

Bonus tracks on 1997 CD re-issue:
6. Kingdom of life (4:00)
7. You’ll stay with me (4:23)
8. Brothers song (2:20)

Total Time: 53:53

Line-up / Musicians
– Radim Hladík / guitars
– Jiří Kozel / bass
– Vlado Čech / drums
– Vladimír Mišík / vocals
– Milos Svoboda / guitars

+ Czechoslovakian Jazz Orchestra

Releases information
Recorded on 20th July, 1971 in Prague (tracks 1-5).

Vplyvy a možnosti určovali čo sa ešte dá. Nová sytéza je počúvateľná určite aj dnes.

Review by hdfisch
Radim Hladik’s band Modry Efekt was certainly one of the most important progressive bands in former Czechoslovakia as mentioned already in their biography. This record contains what could be called an equivalent to Deep Purple’s work together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra two years before with the difference that here we’re dealing with a Jazz Orchestra. And though usually I’m not that much a fan of big band sound I’ve to say this experiment had worked out quite successfully. Probably because unlike with Purple’s it was really a „new synthesis“ between rock and big band jazz music. Especially on the long title track one gets the impression of listening to a type of „Glenn Miller in Rock“. I’ve received both of these two rare albums together with some bonus songs (not with English titles, so I guess different ones than listed here) luckily in a MP3-pack. I found them a quite enjoyable listen though I’ve to say not as interesting as the extra material from their other albums.

Nova Synteza is without any doubts a very good album but I’d hesitate to call it an essential one. Anyway recommended to lovers of brass music and fans of this band. I’d add an extra half star!

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  1. Vyborna hudba podla mna ich najzaujimavejsi projekt nechcem sa dotknut ostatmych teraz vyslo kompletne set cd blue effect

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