Bad Plus: For All I Care


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Keď som ich prvý krát počul na živo na BJD, nevedel som do čoho idem. Keď začala spievať Wendy Lewis mnohí nepripravení ostali zaskočení. Harmónie, muzikálnosť a virtuosita hrania v symbióze s nezameniteľným spevom kde hlas pôsobí ako ľalší nástroj. Nirvána, Pink Floyd, BeeGees, Yes ako ste ešte nepočuli. Iba zopár recenzií …

Wendy Lewis does not sound like most singers, especially over-the-top „I AM HERE TO ROCK“ vocalists. It sounded very odd to me at first, but that feeling fell away after about one minute as I got used to what they were doing. My advice to others, for both the singing and TBP in general, is that you need to give it a little time. Whether you normally listen to jazz, rock, or whatever, this group is probably inhabiting a somewhat different musical space than you’re used to. Anyway, Lewis‘ technique is much better than many of the people who get passed off as rock and pop singers, and her affect, which at first may seem flat and odd, ends up being perfect for these arrangements.

Move over Steely Dan – comes the Bad Plus.

I think Wendy Lewis is a very expressive and soulful singer, and well matched with the Bad Plus.
She has a great range of idioms that she travels, a dry delivery, capable of detached and very
controlled conversational singing, and moments of abandoned, revealing expression.

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  1. „(The singer) had to be somebody who was capable and even enthusiastic about a musical underpinning that wasn’t always going to be cooperating with them“ Jeff Vrabel

  2. Prave som od nich dopocuval Confortably numb. Sice nemam rad cover verzie PF, ale povedzme, ze tato ma vcelku zaujala.

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